Spectrum RV

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European Decor

Uniquely modern

Made in America

Quality Engineered

Built Tough

for the Australian Outback


FOUR STAR **** Built for the 1/2 ton truck, this is luxury for the off-road. The Sands Fifth Wheel will take you in safety and comfort to all the places you have dreamed of going. It is truly a home away from home.

Emerald Coast

FIVE STAR ***** True luxury for the discerning owner. Fresh and clean with a decor just like home. This is modern apartment living, but with wheels.

The Avenue

SIX STAR ****** Ultimate luxury for those who know what they want from life. Walk in to The Avenue and you will be walking on air. Comfort and features beyond all your expectations.

Welcome to Spectrum RV!

We manufacture the all new Sands, Emerald Coast, and The Avenue range of fifth wheel RV's. This dynamic new range offers true luxury and quality along with your choice of decor options. We put back the customizing that others have taken away. Our comprehensive guide to decor choices and exterior choices are unsurpased in the industry. There is a wide range of local service agents and dealers across America and Canada to support you in your journeys. Amoung the three brands there is a choice of over twenty floor plans with a wide variety of layouts. They have the advantage of being built in the USA with Australian rugged design and a modern European look. There are so many choices, so see your dealer today and discover the magnificent world of Spectrum RV's.

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We are offering the industries first true Off-Road suspension

Tried and tested in the rugged Outback of Australia, you too can experience the out of the way places previously unable to be experienced with this level of luxury. From the sand dunes of California to the harsh enviornment of Arizona, to the wilderness of Montana, and the green pastures of Tennesee, you will find a home that you can be proud of, and a confidence to go where you have always wanted.

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Wheels and Tires
to match

Larger wheels and Off-Road tires bring new horizons

Dirt roads, rocky creeks, unexplored destinations now become reality. Why not fit some solar panels and make for the hills. Maybe you will find gold there, if not, then at least you can say you did it in style.

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Good luck choosing your new home on wheels

Professionally designed interiors mean you can now truly take your home with you. No longer do your travels have to look like a box on wheels, now you can enjoy the privilages that you enjoy at home. This is a brand new day.

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